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NHS Stockport CCG is responsible for shaping and designing the healthcare services that local people need, then selecting the best providers to run them. The process of specifying a service and identifying the appropriate provider or providers to deliver the service is called procurement.

On this page you can find out more about the processes we will follow in procuring services and the procurement that is completed or planned.

Click here to view our Procurement policy: 

Current contracts

All procurements issued by the CCG will either be published on this page or at the following link:

The table below provides information about contracts we have awarded in line with our obligations under The National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) Regulations 2013. It includes:

  • the name of the provider awarded the contract
  • a description of the health care services to be provided under the contract,
  • an indication of the financial value of the contract,
  • the length of the contract, and
  • a description of the process adopted for selecting the provider(s) see below.

Procurement Method

There are a variety of procurement methods available for identifying which provider will deliver services. How we decide which method to use is described within the procurement policy. A brief description of the methods in the table below is:-

Restricted = The Providers invited to bid for the service is restricted to a specific group or number.

Single Source = Only one specific provider is invited to bid for the service.

Open Tendering = The procurement process is open to any/all providers. However, the number of successful providers is restricted, normally to 1.

Any Qualified Provider (AQP) = The procurement process is open to any/all providers. However the number of successful providers is not restricted.

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