Over the Counter Medicines

28th February 2019

People in Stockport were asked to give their views on the recommendations by NHS England to change how some medicines are routinely prescribed.

In 2018 NHS England completed a national consultation that looked at 33 routinely prescribed treatments that have limited clinical value or for conditions which will eventually get better of their own accord.  On average the NHS spends around £569 million a year on these treatments.

NHS England issued guidance following the consultation that is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Encouraging people to take care of themselves and their families;
  • Stopping the prescription of drugs which have limited clinical effectiveness;
  • Reducing the prescription of drugs available over the counter for the treatment of minor conditions such as coughs and colds.

The medicines within the NHS England consultation are all readily available from community pharmacies and in many cases from supermarkets and other outlets.

Outlined below is the details information about the conditions from NHS England and the alternative medications available.

Over the Counter Medicines – Further Information.

NHS England National Consultation

Please contact the CCG at stockportccg.communications@nhs.net if you require any further information.