Hospital appointments

Outpatient appointments

Wherever possible, outpatient appointments are being offered by telephone or video call, minimising face-to-face contact and reducing the need for patients to travel to our hospitals.

You may still need to attend in person for some services. If you do need to attend a face-to-face appointment, the hospital has taken steps to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.

Please wear a face covering when you come to hospital.

If changes need to be made to your appointment, you will be contacted to make alternative arrangements. If you do not receive a call from a specialist clinician, you should attend your appointment at the time and location stated on your appointment letter.

Please do not attend a hospital appointment if you, or anyone in your household, have any symptoms of coronavirus.

Further information is available on the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust website.


The Trust is prioritising all emergency and urgent procedures, which may mean delays to:

  • non-urgent day surgery
  • non urgent planned procedures

Your clinical team will be in touch if they need to postpone your surgery or procedure.

Visiting someone in hospital

At the moment Stockport NHS Foundation Trust does not allow visitors at Stepping Hill.

Further advice is available for visitors here: Stockport NHS Foundation Trust website.


There is currently no evidence to suggest that Covid-19 poses a greater risk if you are pregnant than it does to other healthy people, but the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have welcomed the government’s precautionary approach which aims to:

  • reduce any potential risk to your baby’s growth;
  • avoid premature birth if you become unwell.

Advice on attending local hospitals if you are pregnant, including who you can bring to appointments and birth units, antenatal care and information about appointments, scans and labour is on the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust website.

You can also contact the Maternity Unit here Maternity Services – Stepping Hill Hospital.