CCG FOI 759 – Finance (BACS & Direct Debit)

Responded to: 11th January 2017  

  • Who provides the organisations BACS payments and Direct Debit collection software?
  •  Please provide a list of your suppliers of the above software.
  • How you came to the decision to choose these companies?
  •  Are these solution(s) hosted on premise or cloud hosted?
  •  Please provide expenditure on computer software used for Bacs payment processing and Direct Debit collection. For financial years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.
  • When does your current contract(s) with BACs payment and direct debit collection software expire?
  • Will this service(s) be tendered and if so where?
  • What is the total value of your current BACS payment and Direct Debit collection software contract(s) and over what period?
  • With whom does the organisation hold its primary bank account?
  • Does the organisation, acting as a Bureau, provide Bacs processing on behalf on any other organisation?
  • What payments types does the organisation use? (e.g Bacs (Direct Credit), Direct Debit, Faster Payments, etc.).
  • Who is the person responsible for BACS processing and Direct Debit collection software?
  • Name, Position, Telephone Number & Email

For all Questions please see response below:

BACS payments and Direct Debit collection software is provided by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) under a contract held by and paid for by NHS England.

Under the contract NHS SBS provide all transactional services, which includes handling BACS, Direct Debits and all other banking payment functions.

NHS Stockport CCG uses the Government Banking Service which is provided by RBS Nat West and makes payments using BACS, Direct Debits, Faster Payments and cheques.

For further information you may wish to contact:

The NHS Shared Business Service (NHS SBS): Phoenix House, Topcliffe Lane, Tingley, Wakefield, Yorkshire, WF3 1WE

Or NHS England:

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