CCG FOI 694 – Out of Hours (OOH) Information

Responded to: 25th October 2016

I am  interested in the performance of your Out- of- Hours service and how it  compares against the timescales defined by the NHS 111 disposition those standards.

For the financial year ending April 2016 can you please tell me what per cent  of cases the ooh provider achieved a face to face contact within 2 or 6 hours (Dx05, 85, 97 and Dx06, 80 are I understand the main dispositions from NHS Pathways respectively) and what percent of ‘speak to’ dispositions are contacted by the service within 1 or 2 hours (Dx11, 117 and Dx12).

NHS Stockport CCG does not hold this information as it wasn’t recorded in this way at the time. However I have attached in the National Quality Requirements (NQR)  performance report for the relevant year.

I understand that some CCG’s do not gather this information. If that is the case then please provide me with information compared to the old standards for those individual years of  20 minutes for urgent GP telephone consultation  and 60 minutes for a  less urgent telephone consultation as well as GP contact visit within 1 hour ( emergency) and 2 hours ( urgent) and 6 hours less urgent AND describe how the NHS Pathways dispositions are mapped against each standard. Where you have agreed that the provider should carry out clinical management of ‘contact’ dispositions by phone please make this clear and provide information about the proportion where that begins within 20 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours (and again provide information about how Dx codes are mapped against each).

Should your provider report performance on these indicators against different time periods and/or the information is incomplete please provide this information instead with a brief explanation of the rationale for the different approach.

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