CCG FOI 715 – Plastic Surgery

Responded to: 24th November 2016

A) Whether your commissioning group funds the procedures listed below;
1.  Body contouring surgery following massive weight loss including – abdominoplasty, mastopexy, brachioplasty, thigh lift.

2.  Mastopexy (not post massive weight loss)

3.  Breast reduction

4.  Breast augmentation

5.  Correction of breast asymmetry (developmental)

6.  Correction of breast asymmetry (post mastectomy/ lumpectomy) including implant and non- implant techniques

7.  Rhinoplasty

8.  Septorhinoplasty

9.  Face lift

10. Correction of facial asymmetry both acquired (eg facial palsy, post cancer esection, post hemifacial atrophy), post traumatic and congenital including non-surgical (botulinum toxin and filler) and surgical correction, including facelift, browlift, eye lid surgery

11. Prominent ear correction

12. Correction of congenital ear deformities eg Microtia

13. Blepharoplasty

14. Excision of benign lesions eg. Congenital and acquired naevi

15. Liposuction

16. Scar revision

17. Use of Botulinum Toxin for hyperhidrosis

18. Laser therapy including- use for treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions use for skin resurfacing, use for treatment of scars

19. Surgical treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema

20. Fat grafting for the correction of congenital or acquired contour deformity.

21. Surgery for the correction of rhinophyma

22. Excision of preauricular appendages, congenital naevi and other skins lesions in children

a)         B) If the procedures listed are funded, what inclusion and exclusion criteria exist for each procedure?

b)         C) If a procedure is not listed does this mean it is funded?

c)         D) If criteria exist how were these developed and what evidence base was used in the development of these criteria?

Questions a-d –  This information is available on NHS Stockport CCG website :

E) Was a plastic surgeon included in the process of developing the criteria

No. The criteria was developed by the Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources Steering Group.

F) If a procedure is not funded what if any means of challenge is available to the patient or their advocate?  If a clinician believes the patient may be clinically exceptional they can submit an Individual Funding Request (IFR) via the Effective Use of Resources (EUR) route for consideration.  (details of how to do this are in each of the policies).

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