CCG FOI 723 – Mastercall Doctors

Responded to: 12th December 2016

I would like to know for how many doctors Mastercall Healthcare received funds from you to cover the out-of-hours primary care provision at night between 23.00 and 8.00 from the period

4.8.2015 til 12.9.2016.

Specifically, did they receive money for an additional doctor besides the doctor who works 23.00-8.00 and did they do so for every night?

Also, generally, if an out of hours primary care organisation is unable to recruit enough doctors, do they have to feed this back to you and make it clear in their accounts?

NHS Stockport CCG commission Mastercall on a block contract basis. The medical and nursing staffing provision to provide adequate cover is determined by Mastercall.

In the period specified the CCG has not given Mastercall any additional monies to provide for any additional medical staffing.

Mastercall’s feedback on their recruitment in our weekly resilience calls, in our quarterly contract meetings and on an exception basis.

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