CCG FOI 749 – Rapid Specialist Opinion System

Responded to: 11th January 2017

Does this CCG use a system, for example, a Rapid Specialist Opinion system to review patient referrals from GPs to hospital specialists?

If yes:

how long has this system been in place for,

what consultation was undertaken before the decision to implement this system was made,

what company is used to carry out the review of the referral?

If no:

Do you have any plans in place to implement a Rapid Specialist Opinion system, or other system to review GP referrals to specialists? There are no plans to implement any type of system

What are the details of the plan? n/a

What is your policy for consultation with the public before contacting private companies to run NHS services?

NHS Stockport CCG has a range of policies which guide its work in the areas of consultation and engagement and procurement of health services.

Both of which can be found on the CCG website: and

In line with the CCG’s Procurement Strategy no individual company (private or public) would be contacted to run NHS services. All potential bidders would be required to express interest and follow the processes outlined in the Strategy above.         

Do you obtain consent from patients before passing their medical records and personal details to private companies?

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 the CCG is not able to hold medical records. The CCG’s Fair Processing Notice as shown in its website explains how the CCG along with partners manages personal data:

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