CCG FOI 755 – GP Groups

Responded to: 16th January 2017

Please provide me with a list of all GP networks, federations, super practices and new primary care models operating within NHS Stockport CCG .

For each group please include:

· Group name  Viaduct Health

· What category they fall under – either network, federation, super practice or new care model. If new care model please include what type of model i.e. Multi-speciality community provider, Primary Care Home, Primary and Acute care collaboration Federation

· Number of practices which are members All GP Practices in Stockport (42 as of 16.1.17)

· Registered patient list size c290,000

· Name and job title of accountable figure, or leader(s) of the group:   Chair Dr David Dawson    Interim Chief Officer Dr Alex Eaton

· Type of legal entity  LLP

· Number of staff employed by the group   Other than Board members – have 2 members of staff on loan from the CCG

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