CCG FOI 766 – Patient Transport

Responded to: 14th February 2017

* What is the name of the responsible officer (s) for the management of ambulance and transport services?

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services are managed through NHS Blackpool CCG, as lead commissioner. The responsible officer at NHS Blackpool CCG is Yvonne Rispin, Director of Ambulance Commissioning.

* What is the name of the responsible procurement officer (s) for ambulance and transport services?

Procurement Officers are identified for individual procurements in accordance with team responsibilities.

* Did you use a procurement service or Commissioning Support Unit to commission the services? Yes

* If so, which one? NHS Shared Business Services

* What is the geographical area of responsibility for your Trust or CCG? Stockport Area

* Who is your current provider of Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services?

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust for Merseyside, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria and West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust for Cheshire.

When did the current contract for Non Emergency Patient Transport Services begin? 1st July 2016

What is the contracted duration of the Non Emergency Patient Transport Services contract, including the potential for extensions? 5 years, no extensions

* Have any contract extensions been used? No

* What is the annual value of the contract? £871,755 excluding CQUIN 2 ½%.

* When is the scheduled date for the contract re-tender OJEU notice to be published?   2020

* When is the scheduled date for the re-tender procurement exercise to be begin ?2020

* When is the scheduled date for the award of re-tendered contract? 2021

o When is the scheduled date for the retendered contract to be awarded? 2020

o How many patient journeys were contracted under the NEPTS contract between 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2015? 34191 patient journeys

o What was the value of these journeys? £757,040

o Is the contract in partnership with any other CCG or NHS Trust? Yes other CCGs in the county

* How is your current contract constructed? Pay per journey, fixed price or other? Pay per journey

* Who currently provides your extra contractual journeys? North West Ambulance Services

* What constitutes an extra contractual journey? E.g. what are the boundary parameters? 10 miles outside the CCG area?

Extra contractual journeys for eligible patients are those undertaken outside of contractual hours

* What is the value of the Extra Contractual Journeys for the period 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2015     £ 35,647.56

What volume and percentage of your patients travel from the following mileage bands?

o Within 5 miles xxx Journeys xxx % Data not maintained in 5 mile bands

o Within 6 – 10 miles xxx Journeys xxx % Data is not collated in 5 mile bands so not available.0 – 10 miles is 86%

o Greater than 10 miles xxx Journeys xxx % 14%

* Please confirm what categories of journeys are included in the contract?

  • Admission – yes
  • Outpatient  – yes
  • Discharge – yes
  • Transfer  – yes
  • Home Visit – yes
  • Day Patient – yes
  • Renal – yes
  • Wait & Return – not applicable
  • Inter Facility Transfers – yes
  • High Dependency Transfers – no
  • Mental Health Transfers – yes

Answered per the commissioners definitions of these journey types as included in the contracts

* What types of journeys, if any are excluded from your current contract?

  • Ineligible patients
  • Journeys outside of core hours
  • Emergency ambulance services

* Does your NEPTS provider cover any other service for the Trust;

  • Courier Services – No
  • Shuttlebus Services – No
  • Staff Taxis – No
  • Eligibility & Assessment / Call Centre – Yes
  • Mental Health / Secure transfers – No
  • Renal Services – Yes
  • Post / Medical Records – No
  • Portering Services – No
  • Dedicated Paediatric or specialist Transfer Services – No

*What performance metrics are used to assess performance on the contract? A range of KPIs covering : travel time, arrival time, timeliness of departure and booking systems

* How does the current contract incentivize good performance? Through use of CQUIN

* How does your current contract penalize poor performance? Through the application of contract performance notices, preparation of remedial action plans and performance sanctions

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