CCG FOI 778 – Paediatric Continence

Responded to: 13th February 2017

1.  Please state whether the following five paediatric continence services have been commissioned by your CCG:

a.     Bedwetting;

b.     Daytime wetting;

c.     Toilet training;

d.     Constipation/soiling;

e.     Product supply for paediatric continence problems.

If any of the above services are not commissioned by your CCG, please let us know which partner organisation does commission the service.

2.  Is there a single service for the above five problems?  If the answer is yes, is this service led by a paediatric continence advisor?

3.  If the answer to question 2 is no, please list the services that are commissioned to handle these problems and the designation of each of the service leads.

4.  For each of the above five services, please state how many people aged from birth to 18 years were referred to the service in each of the last five years.

5.  Do you have any future plans to:

a.  commission a new paediatric continence service; or

b.  review the existing paediatric continence service?

If so, please provide details

6.    How many nurses specialising in paediatric continence are currently employed by the services commissioned by your CCG? Please specify whether they have had specific training in:

a.     Children’s nursing;

b.     Paediatric continence management.

7.     Are you aware of the NICE-accredited Paediatric Continence Commissioning Guide? If so, do the services commissioned in your CCG use it?

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