Archived Equality & Diversity Reports

January 2016 Reports:

Annual Equality report January 2016

Diversity in Stockport

CCG Workforce Report Nov 2015

NHS Stockport CCG Workforce Race Equality Standard

Interpretation Report 2014-15

EDS2 Report Jan 2016

December 2013 Reports:

Annual Equality Report December 2013

Service Access Report 2012-13

Interpretation and Translation 2012-13

Patient Experience Report 2012-13

CCG Workforce Report October 2013

January 2013 Reports:

Annual Equality Publication January 2013

Service Access Report 2011-12

Patient Experience Report 2011-12

Progress on Equality Objectives 2012

Workforce Report 2011-12

January 2012 Reports:

Annual Equality Publication January 2012

A breakdown of Equality in the JSNA

Workforce Report

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2011

Service Access Report 2010/11

Our Equality Objectives 2012-2016:

The information above about who uses our services, how happy different community groups are with our services, and equality and diversity in our workforce was be used to set our 4-yearly Equality Objectives.

Equality Objectives 2012-16