Interpretation and translation

To improve access to our services, NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group has established interpretation and translation services for patients whose first language is not English and those who need additional communication support.

Foreign language and British Sign Language interpretation is available free for charge for all medical appointments. Interpretation should be arranged when you book your healthcare appointment.

 To view our Interpretation & Translation Policy click on the following link – CCG Interpretation & Translation Policy

 The NHS has translated a number of documents, including Consent Forms and health information leaflets, into a range of languages. To find health information in your language click here.


NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group has developed 16 health information videos in Sign Language:

We have also developed 16 health information leaflets in an Easy Read format:

  • Getting Help In An Emergency
  • Going to the Doctors
  • Going to the Dentist
  • Going to the Pharmacy
  • Going to the Opticians
  • Hearing Tests
  • Health Screening Information
  • Bowel Screening
  • Breast Screening
  • Cervical Screening
  • AAA Screening
  • Flu Vaccines
  • Health Action Plans