Our Governing Body

About our Governing Body

Our Governing Body has 12 Members, mainly GPs and other clinicians, who discuss and make decisions about local healthcare. We also invite the following people to attend its meetings: the chair of the Health & Wellbeing Board; a local authority social care representative, and a member of Health Watch.

The Governing Body meets every month, and the papers and minutes of these meetings are available by clicking here.

The Governing Body is responsible for upholding the CCG Constitution which can be read here:

NHS Stockport CCG Constitution

June 2020

Governance Handbook

What does it do?

Our Governing Body is responsible for:

  • Promoting the involvement of all GP members in the work of the CCG
  • Engaging with patients, the public and other stakeholders
  • Developing the vision, values and culture of the CCG and setting strategy in consultation with the Council of Members
  • Identifying areas that could be improved to ensure better health, better outcomes and better value for the residents of Stockport
  • Increasing the capability, competence and capacity of primary care, and the proportion of health and social care provided by primary and community services
  • Developing plans that address local health inequalities
  • Promoting an innovative approach to healthcare in Stockport

How can I get involved?

Governing Body meetings are open to the public. Meetings are usually held in our offices and are advertised on this website.

Find out details of the next meeting here.

Or you can become involved in the CCG’s patient panel. For more details on this, and other ways of giving us your views click here.

Find out more about our plans and priorities here.

Want to know how well the CCG is doing its job? Our Governing Body receives regular performance reports. Find out more here.