CCG Committees

About our committees

We have a number of committees, who work on behalf of our Governing Body. Here’s a quick guide to who they are and what they do:

Quality and Governance Committee

The Committee will seek to provide assurance to the Governing Body that commissioned services are being delivered in a high quality and safe manner, ensuring that quality sits at the heart of everything the CCG does, including jointly commissioned services. It will also seek assurance on Corporate Governance and Risk Management in the CCG.

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Terms of Reference – Quality Committee

Quality Committee Minutes – 10 August 2016

Quality Committee Minutes – 15 June 2016

Quality Committee Minutes 13 April 2016

Finance, Performance and Delivery Committee

Our Finance, Performance and Delivery Committee develops and monitors the CCG’s Operational Plan and priority areas against the delivery of our financial and performance targets.

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Terms of Reference – Finance and Performance Committee

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Our Primary Care Commissioning Committee governs the commissioning of primary care medical services as part of the CCG’s Level 3 Delegated-Commissioning status.

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Terms of Reference – Primary Care Committee

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee gives an independent and objective view of the CCG’s finance – covering systems, information and compliance with laws, regulations and directions. It supports our Governing Body in managing resources and governance of the CCG.

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Terms of Reference – Audit Committee

Remuneration Committee

Our Remuneration Committee decides pay and allowances for CCG employees, and for people who provide services to the CCG. It also decides the allowances for pension schemes other than the NHS Pension Scheme.

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Terms of Reference – Remuneration Committee

Planning and Commissioning Committee

The Committee supports the Governing Body in discharging its duties on matters relating to the CCG’s  planning, operational performance  commissioning and enabling strategies.

Health & Care Integrated Commissioning Board

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