NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of children, young people, looked after children and vulnerable adults who access services that it commissions.  We ensure that staff have appropriate policies, procedures, training and access to expert advice to ensure that children, young people and adults at risk are identified and when appropriate a referral is made to children or adult’s social care.

Safeguarding is about making sure everyone irrespective of age, is treated with dignity and respect and does not suffer abuse. This is particularly important for those who are unable to protect themselves from harm or abuse, possibly because of their age, a disability or because they are unwell. To ensure this, care has to be of a high quality in order to prevent abuse happening. It also means there is an effective response if there is evidence or suspicion of abuse.

Safeguarding at risk adults and children is the responsibility of all staff (employed, contracted and who volunteer) who during the course of their job come directly or indirectly into contact with at risk adults and children.

Safeguarding Annual Reports:

Stockport LeDeR Annual Report 2020-21

Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme – Stockport Annual Report 2019/2020

Safeguarding Annual Report 2018-19

Safeguarding Annual Report 2019-20

New Safeguarding Arrangements for Children in Stockport:

Stockport Children Safeguarding Arrangements

Safeguarding Children in Stockport – New Partnership Arrangements (Presentation)

7-minute briefing on CESP

7-minute briefing – Neglect & The Older Child

Stockport, Tameside and Trafford Child Death Overview Panel – Implementation Plan June 2019

Information leaflets/publications:

GM Suicide Bereavement Service

So-called `Honour’ Based Violence, Abuse and Forced Marriage Strategy 2019-21

Resources for CSE

Resources for Child Trafficking and Modern Slavery


Prevent – National Briefing Information

Prevent – National Referral Form

Safeguarding Training Strategy

Safeguarding Training Strategy – June 2018

Safeguarding Campaigns

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Safeguarding Policy:

Safeguarding Children & Adults at Risk Policy 2020

Final – GM Care Home Safeguarding Policy 2019-21 – Stockport

Safeguarding Newsletter (s):

Safeguarding newsletter edition 1: April 2018