Feeding Back

We understand that providing feedback on the impact of our engagement and how local people’s views has influenced decision making is an essential part of the process.

It enables us to show what information we have gathered and the impact it has had on the way we carry out our work and on our commissioning decisions. It can help people to feel valued and encourage them to be involved.

We try to use a range of methods to feedback to those who have taken part in engagement activities and regularly publish documents outlining public involvement activity and the difference it has made.

Below are some of the ways we provide feedback and we are always looking for ways to improve how we do this, so if you have an idea or suggestion please contact the Communications Team on 0161 426 9900 or email stockportccg.communications@nhs.net.



Description of feedback

Personal feedback The CCG responds directly to individuals who have taken time to contact the organisation by letters or emails to address any issues that have been raised.

CCG Website


The CCG publishes information on how it engages local people and the outcomes on the website and our engagement platform, CitizenSpace.


We regularly publish survey results, verbatim comments and formal consultation documents. We also publish an engagement tracker and a ‘We Asked, You Said, We Did’ section on CitizenSpace.

Short Films and Patient Stories

We work with our partners and other providers to produce a number of short videos to provide feedback and information to local communities.  This includes feedback on engagement activities, campaigns and health advice.


As part of commitment to ensuring the patient, carer and public voice is heard within the organisation, we present a patient story as a regular item at the start of each Governing Body.


Our patient stories illustrate how we continue to involve patients and feedback the difference their story has made. All our patient stories can be viewed here: Our Patient Stories

All of our films are published on our YouTube Channel.

Social Media The CCG actively uses Twitter and Facebook to engage with people and to provide feedback and updates about surveys, strategies and plans.
Participation in Local Forums

The CCG regularly attends local voluntary sector and carer forums and Patient Participation Groups to give updates about the work we have done and how patient feedback has helped to shape improvements.


This includes work with Healthwatch, Sector3, The Local Pantry, Mental Health Carers Groups, Disability Stockport, SAYS Group, Parents in Partnership and many more.

Formal Meetings The CCG gives regular updates on its engagement activity and the impact it has had at the Governing Body, Annual General Meeting and Partnership Involvement Network.


‘We Asked, You Said, We did’ – how your conversations and feedback has influenced our work

You can find out more about the impact that conversations with our community have had in the development and improvement of services on our ‘We Asked, You Said, We did’  section on CitizenSpace.