How will it affect me?


Once we start making changes to our health and social care system, we expect to see some great results. Among them will be a better life expectancy for those living in our more deprived areas, an improved quality of life (especially for the older generation), a reduction in people dying from preventable causes, and a rise in the number of individuals making informed decisions about their health and social care needs.

To ensure that the changes we implement have the effect that you, the people of Stockport, want on your own health and wellbeing, we’ve been developing something called an ‘Outcomes Framework’. This looks to identify what matters to people in terms of their health and social care needs, and make sure that the services that are in place meet these.

It is a way of measuring the effectiveness of health and social care services in delivering the results that people need and want – these are known as ‘outcomes’. For some it may be getting back to work after an operation, but for others it might be maintaining their independence after a health or social care crisis.

This has been developed with patients and front-line staff to ensure that the outcomes we’re measuring are those that matter.