SURVEY – Personal Health Budgets and the legal Right to Have

People with learning disabilities, autistic people or people with learning disabilities who are also autistic

 The charity In Control has been asked by NHS England and NHS Improvement to look at the delivery support tools for personal health budgets, focusing on the legal Right to Have.

It wants to understand how helpful / inclusive the tools are to ensure that people with learning disabilities, autistic people and people with learning disabilities who are also autistic are included in the legal Right to Have.

As part of this, it wants to hear the views of a wide range of people involved in the world of personal health budgets. Find out what their experience of offering and supporting people to get a personal health budget is — what helps and what gets in the way?

Please complete this survey if you:

Have a learning disability

  • Are autistic
  • Have a learning disability and are also autistic
  • Are a family member of someone with learning disabilities, someone autistic or someone with learning disabilities who is also autistic.
  • Work for a disabled people’s user led organisation, or offer some other form of peer support

You can read the guidance on the legal ‘Right to Have’ a personal health budget here.

Closing date is Tuesday 2 March 2021