Stockport Health and Care Record (SHCR)

Welcome to the Stockport Health and Care Record (SHCR) webpage, please see the options below for more information on what the SHCR is, how to use it and training available.

The Stockport Health and Care Record (SHCR) is a shared electronic record that brings together information from health and care services allowing you to access a more complete view of a patient.  Everyone registered with a Stockport GP will automatically have a Stockport Health and Care Record which contains the patient’s name, address, date of birth, NHS number and relevant sections of their health and care records including the End of Life Portal for Anticipatory Care (EPAC).  Examples of the type of information you can view are below:

GP Record:

  • Subset of patient record

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Hospital Record:

  • Test results
  • Admissions
  • ED Attendances
  • Future outpatient appointments

Social Care Record:

  • Allocated case worker
  • Associated carer
  • Disability

Currently the following groups of staff are eligible to access the record.

  • Staff within GP practices
  • Medicines Optimisation Team
  • Clinical staff at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Stepping Hill Hospital)
  • Clinical staff within Stockport Community Services
  • Stockport Adult Social Care Services
  • Mastercall (the out of hours GP service)
  • MacMillan Nurses
  • Neighbourhood teams
  • St Ann’s Hospice
  • Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

It is important to understand that the staff listed here are only be able to view information relevant to their role, therefore the amount of information that can be viewed varies between staff groups.

The record is held on a secure database and only accessed using a secure network by qualified staff that have completed data privacy training.  When qualified staff click to view a patients record they are unable to proceed unless they confirm that the patient has given consent for their information to be viewed and must tick the box to confirm that this has been done.  If the patient is unable to provide consent e.g. is unconscious then the reason for accessing the record must be entered into a free text field.

The system logs every action carried out by users of the system.

If a patient does not want their information to be shared at all via the SHCR then they can opt out at their GP practice.  A patient decision form can be found below which should be read in conjunction with the patient leaflet.  The form shows the code that should be input into the practice system to ensure that their data is shared out to the Stockport Health and Care Record.

If you have any further questions or queries about how to use the SHCR email

If there are technical issues with the system contact your usual IT service desk.

For technical support relating to Stockport Health & Care Record (Graphnet Portal)

The support contact details are;

If you are usually supported by the Stockport NHS FT then please email

Otherwise please use the following options to log an Incident with the GM Shared Service IT Service Desk (Graphnet Care Centric);

  1. GMSS IT Service Desk: 0161 765 6688
  2. Incidents can also be logged via the GMSS Self Service Portal (Username & Password required):
  3. Email:

Dear SHCR User, there are few changes happening this week to be aware of;

  1. Stockport NHS Foundation Trust will go live with their Inpatient activity information which will be available on the Stockport Health and Care Record (SHCR).
  2. The layout of the page has been updated to make it simpler to review.

Both features are going live this Thursday 30 April, without the need for any system downtime.

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