Black & Grey List

Black list (Items NOT to be prescribed) and Grey list (Items prescribable under limited circumstances).

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Provision of Flash Glucose testing for individuals registered with a NHS Stockport GP Practice

Flash glucose testing systems e.g. FreeStyle Libre® are devices that have now been approved nationally for use within restricted criteria. To request approval to prescribe outside of local policy or to prescribe Freestyle Libre please complete the relevant form and email it to

Prescribing Pathway – FSL

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Prescribing Outside of Policy:


GMMMG regularly reviews the formulary and ‘Do Not Prescribe’ items.

If any GPs have any suggestions for additions/ changes please feel free to contribute, by contacting: and copy to

Please just remember this is the GMMMG DNP list and not the local black list, though anything that gets added to the DNP list will make its way onto our black or grey lists shortly after.