Stockport Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017 – 2020

You can read the full Stockport Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy below:

Stockport Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2020

Stockport, like other local areas across the country, is facing a number of issues which mean we need to change how health and social care services are delivered. These issues include:

  • an ageing population with increasingly complex care needs and at higher risk of isolation and loneliness, as more people live on their own without direct family support
  • a population where birth rates have risen, especially in areas of deprivation leading to more children and young people living in low income households where health outcomes are poorer
  • changes in the most common health issues experienced by the population, to those linked to lifestyles or are otherwise preventable
  • a period of economic challenge affecting the incomes and entitlement to and amount of economic support for the most vulnerable people in Stockport
  • fragmented services which are complicated to access, has duplications and aren’t as focussed on the individual’s needs as they could be
  • a system where too many people are admitted to hospital, when they would be better and more appropriately cared for at home
  • increasing financial pressures with deficits forecasts for Stockport as demand growth continues if service delivery is not improved.

The key themes of the strategy therefore are to deliver a health and care system which is:

  • Prevention focussed
  • Community asset based
  • Person centred
  • Integrated
  • Delivered through neighbourhoods
  • Financially sustainable

This vision is complex, and cannot be delivered through a single plan. Instead a range of programmes including Stockport Together, Stockport Family and Greater Manchester Devolution as well as many topic themed strategies and partnership approaches will help the systems in Stockport evolve. This strategy sets out the ways in which we will develop the Health and Social Care system in Stockport to meet these needs and vision over the next three years.

This strategy has been produced jointly by Stockport Council, NHS Stockport CCG, Stockport Healthwatch and many other contributors from partners, other professionals and voluntary and community sector representatives.

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