Pharmacist – Stay Well This Winter

Not feeling well? If self-care isn’t working, visit your pharmacist before it gets worse.

The sooner you get advice from a pharmacist the better

Pharmacists are experts in medicines and can help you when symptoms don’t improve.  They can offer advice on many minor ailments and injuries which can help you before they get more serious.

You do not need an appointment to see your pharmacist, plus they have private consulting rooms where you can discreetly discuss your needs or ailments.

This can be the best and quickest way to help you recover and get back to normal.

The pharmacist will advise you if you need to seek appropriate medical attention from other services, such as your GP or NHS 111.

If you can’t get to a pharmacist yourself, ask someone to go for you or call your local pharmacy.

Find your nearest pharmacy here online at NHS.UK