One of the major causes of death in Stockport is cancer.

Cancer and heart disease account for two-thirds of deaths in Stockport.

We could prevent a large number of these early deaths by making the right lifestyle choices. Stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and having a more active life could drastically reduce our risk of cancer.

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More people are surviving cancer. When cancers are found early, treatment is often simpler and more likely to be successful. Finding cancer early can make a difference.

What can I do? Be aware of what is normal for you and if you notice anything usual, go and see your doctor as soon as possible. Take up the offer of cancer screening.

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Cancer Services in Stockport

Generally you will be referred by your GP to hospital for further investigation if you have symptoms that might indicate cancer. Cancer can be difficult for your GP to spot because it can have the same symptoms as other common diseases and being referred to a specialist doesn’t always mean you have cancer.

Suspected Cancer Referral

The two-week wait referral system has been introduced so that a specialist will quickly see any patients with symptoms that might indicate cancer.

Make sure your GP has your correct address and telephone details, including mobile number if possible. The hospital will contact you by telephone within 2 working days to arrange your appointment. If they are not able to contact you by phone they will send you a letter with an appointment.

It is very important that you go to your appointment — don’t put it off.

If you cannot attend you should contact the hospital to arrange another appointment. The clinic number should be on the letter sent to you by the hospital. Your first appointment may include you having some tests and investigations on the same day. You will be informed of these when you receive your appointment letter.

You may also need further tests at short notice, these may be within a few weeks of your appointment so please tell your GP if you have any holidays planned.

At the end of your first appointment the hospital staff will give you information about what will happen next.

If a cancer is diagnosed your hospital Consultant may refer you to other hospitals for example the Christie for specialist treatment such as Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy.