Screening in Stockport

Attending for screening can help you to stay healthy. Screening aims to find changes early, often before they can be felt or seen, when treatments can be simpler and have a higher chance of being successful.

Some screening programmes can also lower your chance of developing certain problems in the first place. In Stockport we encourage everyone to be screened when invited even when you feel 100% healthy. All the free NHS screening programmes are offered in Stockport.

Cancer screening programmes in Stockport

More and more men and women are surviving cancer. When cancers are found early, treatment is often simpler and more likely to be successful. Finding cancer early can make a difference. What can I do? Be aware of what is normal for you and if you notice anything usual, go and see your doctor as soon as possible. Take up the offer of cancer screening.

  • Bowel Cancer Screening Programme: for men and women aged 60 and over. For more information on our local programme visit:
  • Breast Screening Programme: for women aged 47 and over. For more information regarding our local programme visit:
  • Cervical Screening Programme: for women aged 25 to 64

For more information regarding any of these programmes visit

Other NHS screening programmes in Stockport

NHS Health Checks: for men and women aged 35 and over
For more information please visit

For more information and other tips to help you to stay healthy, please visit the NHS Choices Website or for help making other positive changes to your health and wellbeing