Expert Patient Programme

What is the Expert Patient Programme?

The Expert Patients Programme is a FREE course run over 6 weeks for people living with long-term health conditions. Each 2 ½ hour session is delivered by two trained volunteer tutors who themselves live with long-term health conditions.

The EPP course can help you to learn new skills to manage your condition better and take more control from day to day. We look at:

  • dealing with pain and tiredness
  • coping with feelings of depression
  • relaxation techniques and gentle exercise
  • healthy eating
  • communicating with family, friends and health professionals
  • planning for the future

Who can take part?

Anyone living with one or more long-term health conditions.

How can it help you?

By taking part in an EPP course, in a welcoming and friendly environment, you can:

  • learn new skills to enable you to manage your health condition
  • develop more confidence in the daily management of your condition
  • meet others who share similar experiences
  • learn about developing more effective working and communication relationships with healthcare professionals

How has it helped other people?

People who have taken part in an EPP course tell us it has helped them:

“I refocussed my condition using the Expert Patients Programme, putting me in control so I became the manager not the victim.”

“It has given me the knowledge and awareness to take control”

“I soon realised the benefits of attending such a course, we each had very different conditions to contend with but the common denominator was long-term. It enabled me to express my opinion freely.”

“It never claims to be a miracle cure but helps to show you what is essentially a change of lifestyle and how to cope with it – this certainly is not the end of the road!”

How do I apply?

You refer yourself:

Main Office: Tel: 0161 835 6689 email:

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