Shining a Light on Suicide

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has launched a new campaign to encourage people to talk about suicide. It is a word many of us don’t like to use but suicide is the biggest killer of men under 49 and women aged between 20 to 34 in the region. We want to ensure no one sees suicide as a solution to their problems.

While suicide affects us all, it is often kept in the dark but leaders across the city region have said “enough is enough” and “it’s time to break the stigma surrounding suicide”. It follows hearing the experiences and views of many people who have considered or been affected by suicide – talking honestly and openly helped to save their lives.

Please encourage someone to talk before suicide seems their only option. Together, we can help prevent suicide.

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Take the free 20-minute online Suicide Prevention training

If you’re struggling to cope call Samaritans on 116 123